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“After Nightfall” is an award winning web series that poses the question, “Who Killed Troy McLeavey?”

When an 18 year old boy from a small town is murdered, everyone is a suspect. His family, his drug dealing Uncle, his boyfriend, his ex-boyfriend and conservative parents, the town thug and the sleazy local bookshop owner.

But just who killed Troy McLeavey?

Season One was released in early 2018, six 10 minute episodes. Season Two has recently finished filming and will be released in mid 2019. The episode count for Season Two has grown to eight.

“After Nightfall” is written and directed by Wayne Tunks, produced by Nicholas Price and Wayne Tunks; and stars, Tristan Clark, Prudence Holloway, Jasper Lee-Lindsay, Robert Miniter, Jacinta Moses, Bronte Parkin, Nick Sinclair, Anton Smilek, Wayne Tunks and David Woodland.

To find out more about the series, the awards won, the cast and to watch the series, please visit:

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