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7 Days in Discord

Genre: Teen Drama

Characters: 9 male roles and 8 female roles (all teenagers)

First Season: Revolt Artspace, Melbourne – 2013

Synopsis: 17 students. 1 week. 1 small town. 1 big drama! Rural town Discord may be celebrating its centenary, but for the local students it's business as usual. A prank on a teacher goes wrong, a football meets the Principal’s window, a talent quest gets ultra-competitive, the gossip network goes out of control and a bullying victim decides enough is enough. When the student’s bus breaks down mid excursion and they are trapped in the middle of nowhere, new friendships are formed and rivalries are finally settled.


Genre: Drama

Characters: 9 male roles and 6 female roles (5 male roles can be played by the same actor)

First Season: Revolt Artspace, Melbourne – 2012

Synopsis: The iconic 21st, a great way to look to the future while celebrating with people from your past. A group of former high school friends are celebrating their big nights together, thinking they'll stay friends forever. But as their lives become different, they start to drift apart. Old relationships break down, old hostilities surface and friendships are torn apart. Atlanta and Ty's perfect marriage looks in doubt when old high school crush Poppy returns from overseas, Claire battles telling her boyfriend Bradley about her closeted demons, Bridie seems a little desperate to settle down - always finding the wrong men. Good girl Ashley is tempted to the "dark side" by Jack while Dylan tries to rekindle his high romance with Erin, who holds a secret that's bound to floor him.

Review: “The play is well written - humorous, emotional and realistic. It is well paced and balances the different emotional notes perfectly, with the plot twists written in at the best possible time for maximum impact.” – Theatre People


37 Ways To Say I’m Gay

Genre: Gay Themed / Ensemble

Characters: 92 Characters (original production used 8 males and 4 females)

First Season: Downstairs at Alma’s, Melbourne (Midsumma Festival) – 2012

Second Season: Gold Coast Arts Centre, Queensland (Glitter Festival) – 2016

Third Season: Limelight on Oxford (Mardi Gras) - 2019

Australian Script Centre Listing: https://australianplays.org/script/ASC-1362

Synopsis: From prehistoric to futuristic, from America to Australia, from city to county and from comedy to drama, these are stories with heart. A young gay man’s suicide is covered up, an ‘are they or aren’t they?’ boy band, a wedding ceremony that will end badly and a boy ready to confess his sexuality to his whole school. Two soldiers on the front line in World War II, a teen unable to tell his parents, an AIDS patient clinging to life in the 80's and Alexander the Great just after his wedding are only just a few of the many stories covered in this heart-warming collection of coming out tales.

Review: “Tunks holds up a mirror to our times. And he does it successfully.” – Aussie Theatre

“…is a simple, yet honest production about issues that in the current national climate have perhaps never been of more relevance. Far from being stereotypical, superficial portrayals, its gay characters represent hints of discrete, rounded characters, which cements its artistic importance as an opportunity to educate and celebrate in relation to important social issues.” – Blue Curtains Brisbane

"If you’ve ever had to come out, had someone come out to you, know someone who is gay, or if you just enjoy incisive, humorous, energetic, sketch-style theatre, then there are 37 ways you’ll enjoy this play." - ALT Media


Genre: Coming of age / Gay Themed

Characters: 8 male roles and 6 male roles (original production used 5 men and 4 women)

First Season: The Depot Theatre, Marrickville, 2018

Synopsis: Otto has the usual family, parents who love and embarrass him, a Uni student sister who wants to change the world, a pop culture loving Nana and a best friend, Max, who he’s secretly in love with. Add to that, a school bully out for a blood and Otto has a lot to go through before he becomes what he really wants; to be out, happy and in love. Time to delve into the world of Otto!

Review: "Everyone delivers with ease the faultless free flowing dialogue that Tunks has fine-tuned to perfection to capture the exciting, mundane and disappointing moments in the life of Otto Brooks. 4 stars" - Sydney Scoop

According to Otto (154).jpg

Beyond the Door

Genre: Drama

Characters: 4 male roles and 3 female roles

First Season: Mad Monkey Studios, Sydney – 2000

Second Season: Riverside Theatres, Parramatta – 2003

Synopsis: One of the world’s biggest quandaries has always been, what happens when we die? Is there really a heaven or hell? And if so, which way will you head? Six young people are about to find out when they suddenly find themselves in the waiting room of the Pearly Gates. As they form friendships and make foes, they begin to discover the true meaning of their own existence and they wait to be taken away individually for their judgement through the ominous door that sits behind them.

Birthdays, Christmas & other family disasters

Genre: Family Drama

Characters: 5 male roles and 4 female roles

First Season: Riverside Theatres, Parramatta – 2006

Synopsis: Follow one year in the life of the Church family as they celebrate Christmas, Birthdays and all kinds of family events that we all know only too well. There’s Mum who just wants her family with her, and Dad who’s happy to have his family around if they just shut up! Oldest son David is a successful record executive and he and his ex-model wife, Abi, seem to have it all, while his sister Kate and her husband Martin are living hand to mouth. Sister Janine has just returned from two years in India with a new vow of celibacy and a baby bump and youngest

child Peter is just trying to avoid the taunts of his older siblings. Throw in the neighbour, Kenny, who always seems to turn up during family get togethers. But this year something will happen that will change them all. You’ll never look at your family get togethers the same way again.

Review: “The unfolding sophistication of Tunks’s very promising career is a rewarding phenomenon to behold” – Australian Stage


Genre: Black Comedy

Characters: 4 male roles and 4 female roles

First Season: The Depot Theatre, Sydney - 2017

Synopsis: The Post family are the epitome of dysfunctional. Matriarch Julie is a casual racist with a drinking and pokie habit. Son Jimmy is still reeling from trauma as a teen and 25 years later is still a seething mess of anger and sadness. Sister Robyn works in fashion retail, but her manager, Fiona, is anything but supportive. Robyn has 17-year-old twins, Emma is in love with douche Matt, while Clint may love his boyfriend Reid but suspects he may have been born the wrong gender. Bitch is both gritty drama and black comedy.

Review: "What Bitch did brilliantly was show a realistic snapshot of Australian life, something commercial media would be too afraid to reveal." - Weekend Notes


 The Bridesmaid Must Die!

Genre: Black Comedy

Characters: 2 male roles and 5 female roles

First Season: Riverside Theatres, Parramatta – 2004

Second Season: Newtown Theatre, Sydney – 2006

Third Season: Annexe Theatre, Tasmania – 2008

Fourth Season: Leven Theatre, Tasmania – 2012

Fifth Season: Sidetrack Theatre, Sydney – 2012

Synopsis: Welcome to the society wedding of the year. Tomorrow Yasmine will marry Caleb, hoping the press will gatecrash. But tonight, Yasmine with her mother and her three bridesmaids have some celebrating to do. When the drinks start flowing, so do the secrets. Matron of honour Bree is secretly conducting an aff air with the groom. Phillipa is being stalked by her very unstable ex, Lucas; and Yasmine’s sister is a suicidal, lesbian, beatnik poet. This isn’t a whodunit, it’s a who’s gonna get it! Rewritten in 2006 with three alternate endings, the show became interactive and the audience got to choose which bridesmaid dies.

Review: “Wayne Tunks’s great, innate art is his extraordinary facility for observation of the ordinary.” – The Drum Media

The Burlesque Effect

Genre: Comedic Drama with burlesque routines

Characters: 4 male roles and 7 female roles

First Season: Newtown Theatre, Sydney – 2011

Second Season: Javeenbah Theatre, Gold Coast – 2013

Australian Script Centre Listing: https://australianplays.org/script/ASC-1363

Synopsis: Set in the seedy world of 1950s burlesque in Sydney, “The Burlesque Effect” follows straight-laced suburbanite James, who falls victim to a seductive world as he ventures into The Scarlet Lounge and meets beautiful dancer Honey. The Scarlet Lounge, run by veteran Fleur, is a haven for men seeking a good time and the dancers are seductive... but go too far, and watch out, they bite back. Featuring 10 burlesque routines, “The Burlesque Effect” is a fast-paced emotional ride of dancing and drama.
Review: "The narrative is a perfect vehicle and excuse for some highly entertaining burlesque...All the roles are exceptionally well-written.... Tunksy’s really hit his stride.” – Crikey

Chain of Fools

Genre: Political Drama

One Act Play

Characters: 5 male roles and 2 female roles

First Season: TAP Gallery, Sydney – 2007

Synopsis: “Chain of Fools” is an IR (Industrial Relations) law inspired drama about an inner city supermarket about to be swallowed by a larger chain. With nowhere else to turn, the employees fight back the only way they know how. But will gaffer tape, rope and Today Tonight just get them into more trouble? This play will get you cheering for the underdog.

diva wars

Genre: Gay Themed Comedy

Characters: 7 male roles

First Season: New Theatre, Sydney (Sydney Fringe) - 2017

Synopsis: Determined to prove their diva is Queen, there’s nothing that can stop these men and their obsessions for Beyonce, Britney, Cher, Gaga, Kylie, Madonna and Mariah. More than that, this insightful comedy is a modern examination at what it is like to be a gay man in 2017. Let the Diva Wars begin ….

With all the negativity in the world, isn’t it time to escape into the fabulous world of pop?

 Review: "This show gives us a laugh, and does precisely what acceptance should do – teach us something about ourselves." - Lisa Thatcher

Diva Wars (32).jpg

Everything I Know I Learnt From Madonna

Genre: Autobiographical One Man Show

One Act Play

Characters: 1 male role

Please note, rights to this show are not available

First Season: La Mama, Melbourne (Midsumma Festival) – 2014

Second Season: Old Fitzroy Theatre, Sydney (Mardi Gras Festival) – 2014

Synopsis: This is Wayne Tunks’s most personal story to date, his own.  “Everything I Know I Learnt From Madonna” examines Wayne’s theory that he can relate every important life moment of his life to a Madonna lyric. Real, raw and riotous; this comedic drama specifically looks at the loves of Wayne’s life. The cheating boyfriend. The one with the racist Mum. The one with a secret drug problem. Plus his story of growing up gay in the roughest area of Sydney’s west and the emotional story of Wayne’s loss of faith when his nephew died and best friend lost her baby. All interlaced with those Madonna lyrics we all know so well.

Review: "His intimate manner and seamless performance reveal the delicate heart that lies behind these tales." – Aussie Theatre

"Wayne Tunks brings all his experience to this warm-hearted writing...He performs his beautiful monologue with the pride and strength that brings a tear to the eye." – Lisa Thatcher

Fag Boy & The Married Guy

Genre: Psychological Thriller / Gay Themed

One Act Play

Characters: 2 male roles

First Season: La Mama, Melbourne (Midsumma Festival) – 2013

Second Season: New Theatre, Sydney (Fringe Festival) – 2016

Synopsis: “Fag Boy & The Married Guy”, a psychological sexual thriller, is the latest work by acclaimed dramatist Wayne Tunks. What would you do if you found the school bully and your tormentor from high school on Grindr, ten years later? Arranging a hook up, Will decides pay back is called for. Armed with sedatives, handcuffs, a scalpel and a camera - he’s ready for revenge. But will he lose control?

Review: “Fag Boy & The Married Man managed to entertain quite well, long after the hour long performance was over, as I find myself still thinking about the scenarios and themes explored in the play.” – Same Same

“Wayne Tunks‘ latest production may very well be one of his best.” – Theatre Now

Flame Trees

Genre: Drama

Characters: 3 male roles and 3 female roles

First Season: Theatre Works, Melbourne – 2013

Second Season: The Depot Theatre, Sydney – 2016

Australian Script Centre Listing: https://australianplays.org/script/ASC-1749

Synopsis: Tess left her small country town in the back of a police wagon after confessing to lighting a fire which devastated the town and killed her best friend. Years later, she’s back and most of the town are not happy to see her. Her boyfriend is now engaged to the local police sergeant. His brother is a firefighter who remembers the fire vividly and her grandmother has denounced her publicly and is demanding Tess leave town immediately. The main reason for Tess’s return is her mentally challenged brother who is delighted to see her. Tess looks to be settling back in until another fire breaks out and she is the prime suspect. Torn between leaving with her brother or staying to fight for her ex, “Flame Trees” is the story of one woman’s fight for redemption.

Review: Wayne Tunks’ script is beautifully written with some honest and real dialogue that has you feeling not like you are watching a play but as if eavesdropping on some private conversations.” – Theatre Press

"I left the play feeling I had experienced one of the truest reflections of the complexity of growing up in an Australian small town. I cannot recommend this production of Wayne Tunks' Flame Trees enough. Go see it." – Sydney Scoop

The Girl from the West of the City

Genre: Social Drama / Murder Mystery

Characters: 5 male characters, 6 female characters and 1 non speaking female role

First Season: Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, Penrith – 2008

Synopsis: This is a murder mystery and social drama set in the heartland of Penrith. The murder of a beautiful local woman is just the start. These are six stories of the people left behind and how they deal with their love, their grief and their suspicion. The parents, the fiancée, the flat mates and the boy next door whose obsession for her was reaching worrying heights, see their stories and find out which one killed the girl from the west of the city.

Reviews: “Nothing short of compelling” – The Daily Telegraph

The Girlie Show

Genre: Drama / Gay themed

Characters: 15 male roles and 10 female roles (original production used a cast of 12)

First Season: La Mama Courthouse, Melbourne (Midsumma Festival) – 2016

Second Season: Old 505 Theatre, Sydney (Mardi Gras Festival) – 2016

Australian Script Centre Listing: https://australianplays.org/script/ASC-1755

Synopsis: It’s 1993 and Madonna is visiting Australia for the first time. For fans Jason, Mary, Sam, Natalie and Derek this is what they’ve been waiting for. While in line for tickets the five become inseparable, sharing friendship, love and an obsession for the Queen of pop. Sam may only be 16, but he’s out to his Dad and looking for love in the all wrong places. Natalie is a pop singer who’s close to a record deal, if she can only keep her sexuality a secret. Mary is a good Catholic girl whose parents have no idea she’s been idolising the wrong Madonna. And Jason is just trying to deny his feelings for Derek. Loaded with the fashions and music of the 90s, The Girlie Show is about coming out, rebelling and finding acceptance – a true pop culture playground!

Reviews: "It is a tremendous play, satisfying on every level. I might even say it was immaculate." – Australian Stage

“The Girlie Show is definitely in vogue” – Broadway World

Go West

Genre: Social Drama / Gay Themed

Characters: 8 male roles and 4 female roles

First Season: Riverside Theatres, Parramatta – 2003

Second Season: SBW Stables Theatre, Sydney – 2003

Synopsis: “Go West” puts the spotlight onto the urban landscape and takes a close look at the inner workings of a dysfunctional Westie family. The Burns family will never win family of the year. Mother Donna became an alcoholic after the death of her husband and her five children don’t seem to be fairing any better. This is best demonstrated by her twin seventeen-year-old sons, Kevin and Daniel. Kevin likes to get together with his mates and a baseball bat and beat up gay men. While Daniel, a straight A student and his family’s only real hope, has just fallen in love with the boy he works with at his local record store. As Daniel and Ben’s relationship starts to become serious, discovery by his family seems inevitable, and the results will be devastating.

Review: “Best social drama” – Sydney Morning Herald

The Green in Mrs White

Genre: Melodramatic Black Comedy

One Act Play

Characters: 4 male roles and 3 female roles

First Season: TAP Gallery, Sydney – 2007

Synopsis: “The Green in Mrs White” is an hilarious 1950’s melodramatic black comedy. Mrs White rules a small country town with fear and baking, but when a new family arrives threatening to topple Mrs White’s rule, she won’t be going down without a fight. You’ll be dying to taste her sponge!

Hell Hath No Fury

Genre: Bittersweet Comedy

Characters: 16 female roles

First Season: Newtown Theatre, Sydney – 2007

Second Season: MLC Girls School, Burwood, Sydney – 2007

Third Season: St Mary’s College, Adelaide – 2011

Fourth Season: Revolt Artspace, Melbourne – 2012

Synopsis: Beware a woman scorned! The play follows hairdresser Roberta and the staff and patrons of her successful hairdressing salon. When life turns difficult, the women can only rely on each other for friendship and support. Featuring an amazing cast of sixteen women, this is a heart-warming drama about love, revenge and hair products.

Review: “The dialogue is brilliant, fast paced and so choc full of twists that I didn’t want it to end.” – Same Same

His Room

Genre: Drama

Characters: 3 male roles and 2 female roles

First Season: Riverside Theatre, Sydney – 2012 (Opened True West Theatre Festival)

Synopsis: It is ten years since five year old Angus Harrison disappeared without trace. Kelly, his mother refuses to accept that he may never return and has made a shrine of Angus's bedroom. As she retreats from the family, husband Steve is being frozen out and teenage son Todd has his own problems but no one is listening. On the eve of the anniversary of the disappearance the family is thrown into crisis when Detective Ryan brings new hope of finding Angus alive. A poignant snapshot of a family caught between memory, guilt and the need to reconnect, His Room asks the powerful question how do you let go of a loved one?

Review: His Room is genuinely disturbing theatre, delving into the trauma of an embattled family, and the knock-on impact of their tragedy.” – Stage Whispers


Genre: Drama

Characters: 5 male roles and 3 female roles

First Season: Fusebox Theatre, Sydney – 2009

Synopsis: In the year 2032, petrol is the currency of the world. The government has crumbled and a petrol corporation runs a post apocalyptic Australia. But in a rural town in NSW a group of rebels are about to fight back. As the rebels take on the militia, sides will be swapped, people betrayed and lives will be lost. Gritty, raw and current, Petroleum, tells the story of the little guy fighting back the only way he knows how.

Review: “Petroleum doesn’t disappoint – the play ebbs and flows but never strays from being gut wrenchingly raw.” – The Brag Mag

The Red Kangaroo

Genre: Kids

Characters: 92 characters (many roles can be played by multiple children)

First Season: Coyote Creek School, San Francisco, USA

Second Season: Dublin Center, San Francisco, USA

Synopsis: A series of short plays educating overseas children about Australia and all its rich history. From historical pieces of James Cook and the Aboriginal dream time, to modern Australian plays about kids today. Fun and fast, “The Red Kangaroo” is bringing Australia to the world.

The Rules of April

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Characters: 5 female roles and 4 male roles

First Season: Newtown Theatre – 2008

Synopsis: April is a woman with a serious dose of commitment phobia and a family just as bad. Her parents are finally divorcing after years of passive aggressive fighting, her middle sister has been going out with the same guy for four years and barely seeing him and her younger sister has finally met the man of her dreams, a virginal tennis player. April may have just found the love of her life, but will her own rules of happiness for her family destroy her chances?

Review: “A damn good play” – Australian Stage

The Rules of April

Silvertop Ash

Genre: Social Drama / Gay Themed

Characters: 5 male roles and 1 female role

First Season: Riverside Theatres, Parramatta (Official Mardi Gras selection) – 2008

Second Season: Gasworks, Melbourne (Midsumma Festival) - 2015

Australian Script Centre Listing: https://australianplays.org/script/ASC-1391

Synopsis: Hamish is a seventeen year boy from Mittagong whose parents don’t seem to understand him. The school bully seems to be gunning for him and his best friend Aaron may want more from him than he can give. “Silvertop Ash” is the story of one boy’s struggle for acceptance.

Reviews: “The best play of the year so far, and will be hard to top” – Aussie Theatre

“This is a very, very well-written play; as taut and spare as any in the playwright’s considerable canon” – Australian Stage

Six & Out

Genre: Comedy

One Act Play

Characters: 2 female roles and 1 male role

First Season: Revolt Artspace, Melbourne, 2013

Synopsis: A comedy about cricket, infidelity and one wife’s very nasty temper. Australia and the England are tied in the Ashes series with just one match left to find a winner. Australia’s opening batsman, Darren Fletcher, has the weight of his country on his shoulders. He’s aging and has been struggling of late, with the press calling for him to retire. He needs a good luck charm to help him find form again, enter sexy local London girl Sierra. Holed up in his hotel room, the last thing he expects is a visit from his long suffering and very angry wife, Vicki. No fast bowler has ever been as frightening as a comeback from Vicki.

Review: “A classic comedy with insight into the junction of fame and intimacy” – Arts Hub

Someday Suddenly

Genre: Multi-cultural Romantic Comedy

Characters: 3 male roles and 4 female roles

First Season: Sidetrack Theatre, Sydney, 2009

Synopsis: Two Asians, an Indian, a Greek, a Jew, a Brit and an Aussie walk into a bar. . . Elle Wong refuses to date any Asian guys and is practically engaged to Jewish accountant Michael, much to the horror of her Greek best friend, Roula. But then she hires Indian bar man, Ravi, and meets his Japanese flatmate, Adam, her high school crush and his British girlfriend, Susana. Add her nagging Australian mother, Mary, and Elle is going to seriously have a bad week!

Review: “It’s colourful and, on a smale scale, spectacular. And leaves a lingering grin, which should see you through the traffic home.” – Australian Stage

The Subtle Art of Flirting

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Characters: 4 male roles and 4 female roles

First Season: Newtown Theatre, Sydney – 2005

Second Season: Glen St, Newtown and Riverside Theatres – 2006

Third Season: Newtown Theatre, Sydney – 2006

Fourth Season: The Workers Club, Melbourne – 2009

Fifth Season: Darlinghurst Theatre, Sydney - 2012

Sixth Season: The Butterfly Club, Melbourne – 2015

Australian Script Centre:  https://australianplays.org/script/ASC-1313

Synopsis: When eight Sydney singletons lives begin to become intertwined, they discover the in and outs of “The Subtle Art of Flirting”. Can you really find someone decent at a laundromat? Is charging your trolley into someone else’s considered flirting? What is the best pick up line to use at a funeral? These questions and more will be posed and answered in this romantic comedy for the stage.

Reviews: “It’s a comedy with both heart and soul that shows you the love through a cleverly wrought script.” – 2RRR

“The Subtle Art of Flirting is a warm and entertaining comedy, thanks to enthusiastic cast and some sharp one liners from writer director Tunks.” – Broadway Australia

Things Not To Do After a Break Up

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Characters: 8 male roles and 3 female roles (5 male roles can be played by same actor)

First Season: Revolt Artspace, Melbourne – 2012

Second Season: The Depot Theatre, Sydney - 2018

Synopsis: Lauren thinks she has it all, until she’s dumped by her boyfriend, Gideon, and dropped by her literary agent all on the same day. Devastated, Lauren lashes out, making all kinds of mistakes until her friends make her realise the only way she can get over Gideon is to write a book about the “Things Not To Do After a Break Up”. Interviewing her friends, including former boyband member Damian, relationship disaster zone Kelly, nice but highly strung Sarina and blokey Jay; she quickly adds to her list. Don’t rant about your ex on Facebook, don’t burn your ex’s favourite clothes or sleep with their best friend. These are just three of the many “Things Not To Do After a Break Up”.

Review: “It is an amusing and heart-warming commentary on the complexities of love, heart break and relationships.” – Theatre People

 "Things Not To Do After A Breakup is a tightly written play, guaranteeing a fun night out, that will have you laughing from beginning to end; perfect for anyone who's ever been through a breakup—or about to." - Weekend Notes


Genre: Bittersweet Drama

Characters: 4 male roles, 3 female roles and 1 non speaking female role

First Season: Newtown Theatre, Sydney – 2007

Synopsis: Why do the ones we love never seem to love us in return? A group of recent University graduates can’t seem to leave the past behind. Falling in and out of love, but still holding on to the one flame they have always held. And fuelled by one tension filled evening, secrets will be shared, friendships will end, love will be discovered and one

man must say goodbye to the only love he has ever known. But true unrequited love will never die.

Review: “To create a piece of theatre that taps into people’s conscious like this, a show that works on so many levels, is a very special talent indeed.” – Same Same

We’ll Always Have Wagga

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Characters: 5 male roles and 4 female roles

First Season: Newtown Theatre, Sydney – 2006

Second Season: Riverina Playhouse, Wagga Wagga (Opening the 2007 Riverina Theatre Company Season), Newtown, Riverside and Glen St Theatres – 2007

Synopsis: Bella had it all while attending Uni at Wagga: a promising acting career and the love of her life, Adrian. Ten years later she’s back in Sydney, single and working in a café. Her latest ex-boyfriend Sonny is stalking her, her heavily pregnant ex-best friend Gina won’t let her forget her woes and her co-worker Daria - an ex-cult member with serious mental problems – is no help at all! Her only salvation is her best friend Heath, who can’t seem to stop telling people exactly what he thinks of them! Bella’s life is ready to explode when Adrian walks into her café – and back into her life - with his fiancée, Josephine in-tow.

Reviews: “Tunks outclasses many of his more pretentious peers in continuing to offer accessible, satisfying theatre … Stuff for the heart … Australian stages need more of it.” – Australian Stage

“This is a romantic comedy of cocktail-like camouflage, at first sip a racy and extravagantly funny collision of personalities before the lethal additive of emotional bruising bites at the senses.” – The Daily Advertiser, Wagga Wagga

Words like Freedom, Love and Betrayal

Genre: Drama

Characters: 3 male roles and 3 female roles

First Season: Riverside Theatres, Parramatta – 2001

Synopsis: Back in high school, these six friends were always together, but years later they have begun to drift apart. But now as the leader of the group Aaron is about to be released from prison, the friends will be brought back together to prove how your past will always affect your future.

Words like Freedom, Love and Betrayal

Genre: Drama

Characters: 3 male roles and 3 female roles

First Season: Riverside Theatres, Parramatta – 2001

Synopsis: Back in high school, these six friends were always together, but years later they have begun to drift apart. But now as the leader of the group Aaron is about to be released from prison, the friends will be brought back together to prove how your past will always affect your future.

Review: “Tunks takes the trifecta” – The Hills News

Words like freedom.jpg

The Words of Others

Genre: Teen Drama

Characters: 48 roles (original production used 19 students)

First Season: Theatre Husk, Melbourne (Fringe Festival) - 2013

Synopsis: 17 short plays about growing up, self-acceptance and how the words of others affect us. Stories deal with serious issues such as body image, cyber bullying and violence against students who are different. Light hearted takes on serious issues also are featured, like the rumour mill starting small and blowing out of proportion and the girl who decides her best friend may just be getting too mean and needs to get away from her fast. “The Words of Others” will show you what it’s like to be a teen today.